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  • 神愛世人God Loves All Beings-拜火教Zoroastrianism

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God Loves All Beings is the first publication of the Association of Master Chin Kung's Friends at UNESCO. This booklet includes the common divine wisdom expounded in the sacred texts of all faiths. To celebrate the establishment of the office, we offer this booklet as a gift to ambassadors from around the world and invite them to present this booklet to their national leaders.
It is historically meaningful for religious organizations to come into UNESCO. The Association of Master Chin Kung's Friends promotes religious education. Religion is the principal, important and revered education for all humanity. Religion is an education. It is not superstition. The main teachings to be found in religion include morality, ethics, causality and the wisdom of sages, which are found in all the sacred texts.
All religious founders are sacred beings who were broadminded, benevolent, compassionate and universally loving. We have reason to believe that there is only one true God. To be readily accepted by different people, God manifests in diverse forms in order to teach and transform all beings.
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